What time can I start decorating and getting ready?

  • Entry in to The Farms begins at 12pm. Should you wish to decorate or get ready early, we do allow early entry for $150/hour.

What time do I have to be out?

  • We require all music and bar to be done at 11:30pm on the weekends and 11pm during the week. From there, you will have one hour to load out all items.

Can I bring in my own alcohol? What about catering?

  • Couples are allowed to bring in their own alcohol as long as all items are served behind the bar by licensed and insured bartenders. For catering, you are welcome to use any caterer you’d like!

What if it rains?!

  • We always hope Mother Nature will hold off but that is something we cannot control. If it should rain, we can have the ceremony indoors and do a flip to your reception. If you prefer not to have a flip, we can have guests sit at their dinner tables during your ceremony and have you get married in the middle of the venue under our beautiful chandeliers.

Can we drop off anything early or leave anything overnight?

  • With the schedule of The Farms, we cannot have anything brought in early or left overnight. All items must be brought in and taken home within your rental day.

What if it is super hot or freezing the day of our wedding?

  • Good news! We are 100% climate controlled. We will make sure it is the perfect temperature inside and all guests are comfortable.

How do I book?

  • All we need is a signed contract and $2,000 deposit. Your remaining balance is due 60 days before your event.

Do you charge a damage deposit?

  • We never know what will happen at a wedding so we do charge a $500 damage deposit to ensure everything is covered. This is included in your final invoice and we do deposit it. If all is well after your event, we will send you a check within two weeks.

Can I hang anything from the walls or ceiling?

  • Due to the materials on the ceiling, we cannot have anything hung from the ceiling. For the walls, items are allowed to be hung as long as they can be removed without any damage.

Do you have a sound system?

  • We do not have an in-house sound system. Any sound will have to be brought in.

What if my Grandma/Grandpa/etc. needs help to the ceremony?

  • We have a wonderful 5 passenger golf cart onsite. Our team can transport anyone down to the ceremony site and back that may need help.

Do you allow fireworks/sprinklers, etc?

  • We LOVE sparklers, they make the best pictures! They are absolutely welcome as long as a bucket of sand is brought for all of those used sparklers. Unfortunately, fireworks are not allowed on property.

Are pets allowed?

  • We love all pets, so yes! We just ask that they are cleaned up after.

Can we leave cars overnight?

  • We ask that all cars are taken overnight. With that being said, we would rather have your guests leave their cars than drive home if they are not capable. We ask that any car left overnight is picked up by 10am the following day.

Holiday Rates

  • All holidays are charged at a Saturday rate.
  • New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, all of Memorial Weekend, 4th of July, all of Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas Eve